About Yuilya

Yuliya Shulman

As a child, I trained to be an artist and designer. However, by the time I grew up and went to college, I changed my mind and decided to become a computer programmer. Now, after years of software design and development in various companies, I have finally managed to combine my two fields of expertise.

Yes, I Web!, is located in Newton, MA and dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes and artists of all trades maintain their Internet presence and succeed in competitive market economy of the XXI century. I design, develop, and maintain websites, and do graphic design: logo, posters, publishing materials, t-shirt designs, CD covers... You name it - I'll do it!

The key to my consistent successes: technical expertise, artistic excellence, attention to detail, and personal approach.

Contact me if you're interested in reliable service, tailored to your needs, yet, within affordable budget!

Your website is your face to the world!
With years of experience and a perfect skill set,
I can deliver you what you need!

Download resume in PDF format
Download resume in PDF format

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